Monthly Archives: November 2014
A Primer on Cookies in Web Analytics, Part 2: What about Web Storage? November 17, 2014 Analytics Strategy

Last week I wrote about cookies, and how they are used in web analytics.  That post was really just the first in a series of posts I wanted to write ...... Continue »

Five Proven Tips for Managing Analysts Like a Pro November 17, 2014 Analytics Strategy

In the analytics industry, it is common to progress through the ‘ranks’ from analyst to managing a team. Unfortunately, many companies do not provide much in the way of support ...... Continue »

Slack Demystified November 17, 2014 Technical/Implementation

Those of you who follow my blog have come to know that when I learn a product (like Adobe SiteCatalyst), I really get to know it and evangelize it. Back ...... Continue »

Profile Website Visitors via Campaign Codes and More November 14, 2014 Adobe Analytics

One of the things customers ask me about is the ability to profile website visitors. Unfortunately, most visitors to websites are anonymous, so you don’t know if they are young, ...... Continue »

A Primer on Cookies in Web Analytics November 10, 2014 Analytics Strategy

Some of you may have noticed that I don’t blog as much as some of my colleagues (not to mention any names, but this one, this one, or this one). ...... Continue »

Excel Dropdowns Done Right November 5, 2014 Excel Tips

Do you used in-cell dropdowns in your spreadsheets? I used them all the time. It’s both an ease-of-use and a data quality maneuver: clicking a dropdown is faster than typing ...... Continue »