Monthly Archives: July 2014
Team Demystified Update from Wendy Greco July 29, 2014 Analytics Strategy

(The following is a guest post from Wendy Greco, General Manager of our Team Demystified business unit. You can meet Wendy and learn more about Team Demystified at our ACCELERATE ...... Continue »

SiteCatalyst Unannounced Features July 28, 2014 Adobe Analytics

Lately, Adobe has been sneaking in some cool new features into the SiteCatalyst product and doing it without much fanfare. While I am sure these are buried somewhere in release ...... Continue »

Hello. I’m a Radical Analytics Pragmatist July 23, 2014 Analysis

I was reading a post last week by one of the Big Names in web analytics…and it royally pissed me off. I started to comment and then thought, “Why pick ...... Continue »

Competitor Pricing Analysis July 21, 2014 Adobe Analytics

One of my newest clients is in a highly competitive business in which they sell similar products as other retailers. These days, many online retailers have a hunch that they ...... Continue »

How to Deliver Better Recommendations: Forecast the Impact! July 14, 2014 Analysis

One of the most valuable ways to be sure your recommendations are heard is to forecast the impact of your proposal. Consider what is more likely to be heard: “I think we ...... Continue »

ACCELERATE 2014 "Advanced Analytics Education" Classes Posted July 9, 2014 Conferences/Community

I am delighted to share the news that our 2014 “Advanced Analytics Education” classes have been posted and are available for registration. We expanded our offering this year and will ...... Continue »

Product Cart Addition Sequence July 9, 2014 Adobe Analytics

In working with a client recently, an interesting question arose around cart additions. This client wanted to know the order in which visitors were adding products to the shopping cart. ...... Continue »

7 Tips For Delivering Better Analytics Recommendations July 8, 2014 Analysis

As an analyst, your value is not just in the data you deliver, but in the insight and recommendations you can provide. But what is an analyst to do when ...... Continue »