Monthly Archives: March 2014
The Reinvention of Your Analytics Skills! March 31, 2014 Adobe Analytics

Last week, myself and 7,000+ of my friends attended Adobe’s Summit 2014 in Salt Lake City. The overarching theme of the event was “the reinvention of marketing”, which got me ...... Continue »

Adobe Summit Bound (2014) March 21, 2014 Adobe Analytics

It seems impossible to believe that twelve months has passed already. But here I am, Salt Lake City-bound for another Adobe Digital Marketing Summit. For the past couple of years, I ...... Continue »

A Guide to Segment Sharing in Adobe Analytics March 17, 2014 General

Update 5/23/2014: This post should now be unnecessary and no longer accurate as of the May 2014 Adobe Analytics release. See this post by Ben Gaines for details on the ...... Continue »

Current Order Value [Adobe SiteCatalyst] March 17, 2014 Adobe Analytics

I recently had a client pose an interesting question related to their shopping cart. They wanted to know the distribution of money its visitors were bringing with them to each ...... Continue »

Currencies & Exchange Rates [Adobe SiteCatalyst] March 10, 2014 Adobe Analytics

If your web analytics work covers websites or apps that span different countries, there are some important aspects of Adobe SiteCatalyst (Analytics) that you must know. In this post, I ...... Continue »

Attribution Management Takes More than Technology March 6, 2014 Analysis

I’ll admit it: I’m something of a late joiner to the attribution management bandwagon. Over the last year or so, though, I’ve come around, and I attribute that (pun totally intended) ...... Continue »

Linking Authenticated Visitors Across Devices [Adobe SiteCatalyst] March 3, 2014 Adobe Analytics

In the last few years, people have become accustomed to using multiple digital devices simultaneously. While watching the recent winter Olympics, consumers might be on the Olympics website, while also ...... Continue »