Monthly Archives: February 2014
The 80/20 Rule for Analytics Teams February 24, 2014 Analytics Strategy

I had the pleasure last week of visiting with one of Analytics Demystified’s longest-standing and, at least from a digital analytical perspective, most successful clients. The team has grown tremendously ...... Continue »

Onsite Search Term Exit Rates [Adobe SiteCatalyst] February 17, 2014 Adobe Analytics

Recently, I have had a few clients ask me the following question: How can I determine which onsite search terms have the highest exit rate on the search results page? This question ...... Continue »

10 Things You Should ALWAYS Do (or Not Do) in Excel February 16, 2014 Excel Tips

It was a fairly innocuous vent-via-Twitter tweet last week that inspired this post: I was surprised by the Twitter conversation it started, with several people noting that they had no idea ...... Continue »

A Useful Framework for Social Media "Engagements" February 13, 2014 Social Media

Whether you have a single toe dipped in the waters of social media analytics or are fully submerged and drowning, you’ve almost certainly grappled with “engagement.” This post isn’t going ...... Continue »