Monthly Archives: September 2013
Announcing "Team Demystified" Analytics Staffing Services September 30, 2013 Analytics Strategy

Last week at our annual ACCELERATE conference Analytics Demystified announced our new “Team Demystified” web analytics and optimization staffing and contractor services offering. In a nutshell, “Team Demystified” is a ...... Continue »

Better ways to measure content engagement than time metrics September 16, 2013 Analysis

I spent five years responsible for web analytics for a major ad-monetised content site, so I’m not immune to the unique challenges of measuring a “content consumption” website. Unlike an ...... Continue »

Shipping, Discounts & Taxes [SiteCatalyst] September 16, 2013 Adobe Analytics

If you are an online retailer, it is likely that your orders that contain shipping, discounts and/or taxes. Over the years I have seen some good and bad ways to ...... Continue »

Why I Don’t Put Recommendations on Dashboards September 10, 2013 Analysis

WARNING: Gilligan contrarianism alert! The following post posits a thesis that runs contrary to popular opinion in the analytics community. Many companies these days rely on some form of internal dashboard(s). ...... Continue »

Data Privacy: It’s not an all or nothing! September 6, 2013 Analytics Strategy

Recently I have been exploring the world of “self quantification”, using tools like Jawbone UP, Runkeeper, Withings and more to measure, well, myself. Living in a tech-y city like Boston, ...... Continue »

Campaigns & The None Row [SiteCatalyst] September 3, 2013 Adobe Analytics

The “None” row in SiteCatalyst. You either love it or hate it. It is amazing how far I have seen some companies go to avoid it and banish it from ...... Continue »