Monthly Archives: June 2013
Five Tips to Help Speed Up Adoption of your Analytics Tool June 26, 2013 Analytics Strategy

New technologies are easier bought than adopted… All too often, expensive “simple, click of a button” analytics tools are purchased with the best of intentions, but end up a niche solution ...... Continue »

5 Reasons Columbus is Great for ACCELERATE June 25, 2013 General

I’m closing in on six full years since I moved from Austin to Columbus. Because I’m a native Texan, I’ll never truly “go native” in Columbus (there’s a Natural Law ...... Continue »

EXACTLY Where I've Wanted to Be June 22, 2013 General

Ask a career coach how to land your dream job and they’ll tell you: 1) figure out what your dream job is, and 2) develop a plan to get there.* ...... Continue »

Help me welcome our newest Demystifier, Tim Wilson! June 21, 2013 Conferences/Community

I am delighted to announce that Analytics Demystified has grown our analysis group again, this time adding a long-time friend of the firm and extraordinary Web Analytics Wednesday coordinator, Tim ...... Continue »

Excel Dynamic Named Ranges (w/ Tables) = Chart Automation June 8, 2013 Excel Tips

The single post on this blog that has, for several years now, consistently driven the most traffic to this site, is this one that I wrote almost three years ago. ...... Continue »

Missing SAINT Classification Data [SiteCatalyst] June 3, 2013 Adobe Analytics

Recently, the Adobe SiteCatalyst product team “hit it out of the park” (to follow Ben’s analogy) with the latest SiteCatalyst point release! There are many awesome features that people like ...... Continue »