Monthly Archives: May 2013
Sequential Segmentation in Adobe Discover May 31, 2013 Analysis

The segment builder for Adobe Discover had some great features added during last week’s release. To celebrate, I thought I would put out a short video explaining the new layout and ...... Continue »

Some (Practical) eCommerce Google Analytics Tips May 30, 2013 Analysis

A short, partially self-promotional post — two links and one, “Hey…look out for…” note about sampling. Post No. 1: Feras Alhlou’s 3 Key GA Reports Feras Alhlou of E-Nor recently wrote an ...... Continue »

QA: It's for Analysts, Too (and I'm not talking about tagging) May 28, 2013 Analysis

There is not an analyst on the planet with more than a couple of weeks of experience who has not delivered an analysis that is flawed due to a mistake ...... Continue »

A Glimpse of the Future at IBM’s Global Smarter Commerce Summit May 23, 2013 General

This week I was one of 3,500 people from 26 countries to attend IBM’s Global Smarter Commerce Summit in Nashville Tennessee. While I also enjoy attending more specialised, analytics-focused conferences, ...... Continue »

Tiger Woods Is Batting .260 Lifetime May 12, 2013 Analysis

Tiger Woods won his 78th career PGA event on Sunday at The Players Championship. The commentators were tireless in their mentions of the fact that his was Woods’s 300th PGA ...... Continue »

Big vs. Little Implementations [SiteCatalyst] May 6, 2013 Adobe Analytics

Over the years, I have worked on Adobe SiteCatalyst implementations for the largest of companies and the smallest of companies. In that time, I have learned that you have to ...... Continue »

#eMetrics Reflection: Privacy Is Getting More Tangible May 4, 2013 General

I’m chunking up my reflections on last month’s eMetrics conference in San Francisco into several posts. I had a list of eight possible topics, and this is the fourth and (probably) final ...... Continue »