Monthly Archives: February 2013
Segmenting on Key Dates [SiteCatalyst] February 28, 2013 Adobe Analytics

Recently, while working with a client, I got into an interesting discussion about doing web analysis around key dates in their marketing program. There are many cases in which milestone ...... Continue »

Almost #AdobeSummit Time! February 27, 2013 Conferences/Community

My Adobe Summit Insider partner in crime, Tim Wilson, said it best: Conferences are definitely like Christmas for nerdy digital analysts – a chance to step outside of your work cocoon, ...... Continue »

#AdobeSummit Is Next Week February 26, 2013 General

Every year, it seems, I hit a point where every analyst I know is dropping the question, “Are you going to Summit?” (“Summit” of course, is industry shorthand for Adobe Digital ...... Continue »

Why Data Visualization Matters: It's Funnel Optimization February 26, 2013 Presentation

One of the reasons I like to give presentations at conferences is because it forces me to really, really, really, crystallize my thoughts. When I’m writing a blog post, I’m generally ...... Continue »

Are JavaScript-Based Trackers Still Relevant? February 21, 2013 General

This is a question that we have had many clients ask recently. You can imagine, with the heavy usage of JavaScript in web analytics, the thought of a decreased acceptance ...... Continue »

Effectively Communicating Analysis Results February 13, 2013 Analysis

I was fortunate enough to not only get to attend the Austin DAA Symposium this week, but to get to deliver one of the keynotes. The event itself was fantastic ...... Continue »

Social media is like coffee … February 4, 2013 Analytics Strategy

Last week was an awesome week for digital measurement, especially if you were in San Francisco. The week started with a resurgent Webtrends, kicking off their Streams product at their ...... Continue »