Monthly Archives: January 2013
Digital Analytics Success Requires Crystal Clear Business Goals January 31, 2013 Analytics Strategy

Is your organisation struggling to see the value of digital analytics? Feel like there are a ton of numbers but no tie to business success? Before you throw out your ...... Continue »

Why I am excited about Webtrends Streams January 16, 2013 Analytics Strategy

This morning we are very excited to announce that Analytics Demystified has partnered with Webtrends as a consulting and development partner on their recently announced Webtrends Streams platform. You can ...... Continue »

Converting a Date in Excel to Week, Bi-Week, Month, and More January 15, 2013 Excel Tips

I often find myself getting data out of one system or another (or multiple systems, and then combining them) as “daily” data — a series of metrics by day for ...... Continue »

Re-Examining Attribution January 7, 2013 Analytics Strategy

Attributing credit across a multitude of marketing efforts is one of those sticky problems in digital analytics that seems to generate a whole lot of controversy. This is a topic ...... Continue »

Alternative Conversion Flows January 7, 2013 Adobe Analytics

Many online marketers have a desire to test out different conversion flows on their website. Whether those flows are for an alternative checkout process or a new application process, the ...... Continue »

Happy New Year from Analytics Demystified January 6, 2013 Analytics Strategy

On behalf of the rapidly growing team at Analytics Demystified I wanted to wish all of my clients, readers, and friends a Happy New Year! I say rapidly growing because ...... Continue »

Breaking in to the Digital Analytics Field January 6, 2013 Analytics Strategy

Over the past few years, I’ve been asked many times for advice on how to “get into digital analytics.” Without fail, these requests come from people who have gotten just ...... Continue »

Michele Kiss joins the team at Analytics Demystified January 4, 2013 General

I am both thrilled and humbled to announce I have joined the Analytics Demystified team as the newest partner, adding dedicated analyst services to enhance Demystified’s offerings to clients. I ...... Continue »

Small Charts in Excel: Beyond Sparklines, Still Economical January 1, 2013 Excel Tips

I’m a fan of Stephen Few; pretty much, always have been, and, pretty much, always will be. When developing dashboards, reports, and analysis results, it’s not uncommon at all for ...... Continue »