Monthly Archives: April 2012
Cart Persistence and Duration [SiteCatalyst] April 23, 2012 Adobe Analytics

I was recently working with a client who had some interesting questions. In general, he wanted to see different derivations of how long products had been in the shopping cart ...... Continue »

Optimization Test Techniques – Part I of II April 10, 2012 Testing and Optimization

As I talk to more and more companies that are using testing solutions, I find many of them are unaware of the test techniques that are available in their testing ...... Continue »

Digital Analytics: From Data to Stories and Communication April 10, 2012 Analysis

This will be a quick little post as I try to pull together what seems to be an emerging theme in the digital analytics space. In a post late last ...... Continue »

ACCELERATE Chicago Debrief April 6, 2012 Adobe Analytics

I’m on the plane returning home from the second ever Analytics Demystified ACCELERATE Conference and I can’t help but smile as I think about what an incredible event this was. ...... Continue »

Are Your Employees Wasting Your Marketing Budgets? April 2, 2012 Adobe Analytics

Every once in a while, especially when I am working with large clients, I ask them a simple question that befuddles them. The question I ask is this: “Do you know ...... Continue »