Monthly Archives: February 2012
Uber Success Events [SiteCatalyst] February 27, 2012 Adobe Analytics

Every now and then, I run into a unique situation with a client that requires what I call an “Über” Success Event. It isn’t possible to define this easily, so ...... Continue »

Web 3.0 and the Internet User's Bill of Rights February 23, 2012 Analytics Strategy

Back in 2007, on the subject of the evolution of the web analytics industry, I proffered that “If Web Analytics 1.0 was all about measuring page views to generate reports ...... Continue »

Brian Hawkins, Demystified February 23, 2012 General

I am extremely excited to be joining Adam, Eric, and John here at Analytics Demystified.  While at Offermatica, Omniture and then Adobe I witnessed first hand the value this firm ...... Continue »

3-Legged Stool of Effective Analytics: Plan, Measure, Analyze February 22, 2012 Analysis

Several weeks ago, Stéphane Hamel wrote a post that got me all re-smitten with his thought process. In the post, he postulated that there are three heads of online analytics. He ...... Continue »

Facebook Status Updates: Exploring Optimal Timing February 14, 2012 Excel Tips

NOTE: This post is no longer current. An updated version of the post, including an updated spreadsheet, is posted here. Although Facebook has unofficially admitted that there seems to be little ...... Continue »

Working Around Sampled Search Data in Google Analytics February 9, 2012 Analytics Strategy

I got into a discussion of sampling in Google Analytics  with SEO expert and Web PieRat Jill Kocher earlier this year, which led to some profile/filter noodling that seemed worth sharing. Specifically, ...... Continue »

Product Page Tab Usage [SiteCatalyst] February 6, 2012 Adobe Analytics

If you sell products on your website, you will often find the need to provide detailed information to those browsing your products. For example, below you can see a product ...... Continue »

Welcome Demystifier Brian Hawkins! February 1, 2012 General

Adam, John, and I are incredibly excited to announce that industry veteran Brian Hawkins is joining Analytics Demystified to help us expand our offerings around testing, optimization, and personalization of ...... Continue »