Monthly Archives: October 2011
The Analyst Skills Gap: It's NOT Lack of Stats and Econometrics October 31, 2011 Analysis

I wrote the draft of this post back in August, but I never published it. With the upcoming #ACCELERATE event in San Francisco, and with what I hope is a ...... Continue »

The New Facebook Insights — One More Analyst's Take October 14, 2011 Reporting

Facebook released its latest version of Facebook Insights last week, and that’s kicked off a slew of chatter and posts about the newly available metrics. Count this as another one ...... Continue »

QR Codes — How They Work (at least…What Matters for Analytics) October 12, 2011 Analytics Strategy

I’ve had a couple of situations in the past few weeks where I’ve found myself explaining how QR codes work and what can/cannot be tracked under what situations. To whit, ...... Continue »

Finally! Standards come to Web Analytics October 11, 2011 Analytics Strategy

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Columbus, Ohio to participate in Web Analytics Wednesday, hosted by Resource Interactive’s Tim Wilson and generously sponsored by the fine folks ...... Continue »

Purchases to Date – Part II [SiteCatalyst] October 11, 2011 Adobe Analytics

Last week I described a new way to track how much money visitors had spent on your site prior to their current visit. This week, I am going to ...... Continue »

Monish Datta Gives #cbuswaw w/ Eric Peterson & ForeSee Thumbs-Up October 9, 2011 Analytics Strategy

We blew past our previous attendance record at the latest Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday, and the speaker did not disappoint! We were fortunate to have Eric Peterson in town and ...... Continue »

How Google Analytics In-Page Analytics / Overlay Works October 4, 2011 Analytics Strategy

I’m starting to think that page overlays are the new page-level clickstream — they’re what well-meaning-but-inexperienced business users see in their minds’ eyes as a quick and clear path to ...... Continue »

Purchases to Date – Part I [SiteCatalyst] October 3, 2011 Adobe Analytics

Website visits don’t occur in a vacuum. People who are on your site today may or may not have been there in the past and if they have been ...... Continue »