Monthly Archives: February 2011
Campaign Measurement Planning — Columbus WAW Recap Part 1 February 28, 2011 Reporting

We tried a new format at last week’s Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday, in that we had three completely unrelated presentations, and we kept the entire presentation period to right at ...... Continue »

Need A Checkup? The Doctor Is In! February 23, 2011 General

When it comes to your health, most doctors say that having a regular checkup is the easiest way to prevent major illness. By simply going to see your doctor once ...... Continue »

The Ugly Truth About Benchmarks February 22, 2011 Reporting

Why Do We Want Benchmarks in the First Place? As Garrison Keillor says every week, in Lake Wobegon, “all the kids are above average.” If we can simply be “above average,” ...... Continue »

Guest Post: Success in The Analysis Exchange! February 17, 2011 Analytics Strategy

Since Analysis Exchange has been honored with a nomination in the Web Analytics Association Gala Awards, while our community is considering their votes I figured it was a good time ...... Continue »

Twitter Influence — Still Searching for the Perfect Answer February 16, 2011 Social Media

[Updated on 2/17/2011 — added the last section with additional information about Twitalyzer’s Community measurement and a little additional nod to TweetReach.] A pretty intriguing post from Michael Healy came across ...... Continue »

Is Social Media Encouraging Narcissism? February 11, 2011 Social Media

I’m a little worried about us. At first I was really psyched to see a tweet about my friend and business partner Eric appearing the the WSJ for his not-so-small ...... Continue »

Pocket Guide to Identifying Great KPIs February 9, 2011 Reporting

Here’s a quick post sharing a printable reference for establishing clean, clear, and appropriate KPIs for a project. This was something that Matt Coen, one of my peers at Resource Interactive, and ...... Continue »

Measuring the Super Bowl Ads through a Social Media Lens February 7, 2011 General

Resource Interactive evaluated the Super Bowl ads this year from a digital and social media perspective — how well did the ads integrate with digital channels (web sites, social media, ...... Continue »

Should Google Offer a Paid Version of Google Analytics? February 7, 2011 General

Should Google offer a paid for version of Google Analytics?... Continue »

A few thoughts on the upcoming WAA Awards February 7, 2011 Analytics Strategy

I got a nice note this morning from Mike Levin at the Web Analytics Association: “CONGRATULATIONS! You have been nominated for a WAA Award of Excellence in the category of: ...... Continue »