Monthly Archives: January 2011
How Marketing is Like Homelessness January 28, 2011 Reporting

I’ve officially succumbed to the Blog an Intriguing Title Syndrome (BITS). My payback for that, I suppose, is that I’ve blown the SEO power of my <h2> tags, my <title> ...... Continue »

The Web Analyst’s Code of Ethics January 24, 2011 Analytics Strategy

The Web Analyst’s Code of Ethics is a reality! This Code represents an industry effort to promote ethical data practices and treat consumer data with the respect and attention it ...... Continue »

Free webcast on Tag Management Systems on Jan 25th January 20, 2011 Adobe Analytics

Given the considerable buzz in the marketplace regarding Tag Management Systems and vendors like Ensighten, TagMan, and BrightTag I wanted to call your collective attention to a free webcast I ...... Continue »

Want to meet Adam Greco? Go to OMS 2011 in San Diego! January 19, 2011 Adobe Analytics

By now I hope you have heard that Adam Greco is joining John and I as a Senior Partner in Analytics Demystified. While his official start date isn’t still for ...... Continue »

Dear Facebook: As an Analyst, It’s Hard to Be Your Friend January 19, 2011 Social Media

Update: More Facebook Insights updates rolling out, and, so far, they are buggy: Facebook Quietly Updates Insights to Show Real-Time Data on Page Posts, Bugs Appear. Dear Facebook, I really want to ...... Continue »

weThink Podcast — Digital Trends and What They Mean for Marketers January 16, 2011 General

Last fall, I started listening to the weThink podcast (here’s the iTunes link) that is unique in that I personally know all of the people who work on it. They’re some of ...... Continue »

Big Changes at Analytics Demystified January 12, 2011 Analytics Strategy

I suspect by now many of you have noticed but this week we made two pretty amazing announcements here at Analytics Demystified. Now that the dust is settling I have ...... Continue »

The Future of Advertising Is Clear — Measurement, not So Much January 11, 2011 Reporting

Fast Company published a lengthy article last November titled The Future of Advertising, and it’s a good read. It traces the evolution of the advertising industry over the past 50 years, ...... Continue »

Adam Greco, Demystified January 11, 2011 General

I am extremely excited to begin this next chapter in my career and wanted to get started at Analytics Demystified by describing my past, the present, and what I hope ...... Continue »

Form Submit Button Clicks January 4, 2011 Adobe Analytics

Learn how tracking Form Button Clicks can increase conversion!... Continue »