Monthly Archives: October 2010
Four Ways that Media Mix Modeling (MMM) Is Broken October 27, 2010 Analysis

Many companies rely on some form of media mix modeling (or “marketing mix modeling”) to determine the optimal mix of their advertising spend. With the growth of “digital” media and ...... Continue »

Our Engagement Metric in use at October 26, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Those of you who have read my blog for long know that I have written a tremendous amount about measures of visitor engagement online. In addition to numerous blog posts ...... Continue »

My Letter To The C-Suite October 22, 2010 Analytics Strategy

The following originally posted in Exact Target’s 10 Ideas To Turn Into Results report. It’s part of their Letters to the C-Suite Series and this is my letter… To The ...... Continue »

Analyzing Twitter — Practical Analysis October 19, 2010 Analysis

In my last post, I grabbed tweets with the “#emetrics” hashtag and did some analysis on them. One of the comments on that post asked what social tools I use ...... Continue »

Tracking Product Returns October 18, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to track Product Returns in SiteCatalyst...... Continue »

eMetrics Washington, D.C. 2010 — Fun with Twitter October 10, 2010 Analytics Strategy

I took a run at the #emetrics tweets to see if anything interesting turned up. Rather than jump into Nielsen Buzzmetrics, which was an option, I just took the raw ...... Continue »

Gilligan's eMetrics Recap — Washington, D.C. 2010 October 6, 2010 Analytics Strategy

I attended the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit earlier this week in D.C., and this post is my attempt to hash out my highlights from the experience. Of all the conferences ...... Continue »

Presentations from Analytics Demystified October 4, 2010 Adobe Analytics

This week is somewhat bittersweet for me because it marks the very first time I have missed an Emetrics in the United States since the conference began. And while I’m ...... Continue »

Hidden SiteCatalyst Features October 4, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to save time with some "hidden" SiteCatalyst features...... Continue »