Monthly Archives: September 2010
Data Visualization Tips and Concepts (Monish Datta calls it "stellar")* September 26, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday was sponsored by Resource Interactive last week, and it was, as usual, a fun and engaging event: We tried a new venue — the Winking Lizard on ...... Continue »

Department Store KPIs (an analogy) September 21, 2010 Reporting

A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with the newest member of the analytics team at Resource Interactive, Matt Coen. I shared with him my “Measuring digital marketing ...... Continue »

Minimize Robot Traffic September 20, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Are robots messing up your web analytics data?... Continue »

Free white paper on Tag Management Systems September 19, 2010 Analytics Strategy

This last week I was in London thanks to the good graces of our friends at Tealeaf to deliver a keynote speech at their EMEA customer conference. After the event, ...... Continue »

Dear Technology Vendor, Your Dashboard Sucks (and it’s not your fault) September 14, 2010 Analysis

Working in measurement and analytics at a digital marketing agency, I find myself working with a seemingly (at times) countless number of of technology platforms – most of them are ...... Continue »

Web Analysts Code of Ethics … September 12, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Following up on last week’s thread about how the web analytics industry is on the cusp of becoming our own worst enemy as the tide of public opinion increasingly turns against ...... Continue »

Internal Search Term Click-Through & Exit Rates September 7, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to track your internal search term exit rates...... Continue »

Acquisitions Aplenty! comScore Buys Nedstat September 2, 2010 Analytics Strategy

We’re certainly on an acquisition hot roll here in our cozy little measurement industry. This week marked yet another buy-up of a web analytics company, Netherlands based Nedstat, was acquired ...... Continue »

Congratulations to Nedstat and comScore! September 1, 2010 Analytics Strategy

This summer’s web analytics acquisition season has heated up to the point where when my phone rings and it’s John (who wakes up hours earlier) saying “comScore has acquired Nedstat” ...... Continue »