Monthly Archives: July 2010
Marketing Measurement and the Mississippi River July 26, 2010 Analytics Strategy

At least once a week in my role at Resource Interactive, I get asked some flavor of this basic question: “How do I measure the impact of my digital/social media ...... Continue »

Validating Orders & Revenue July 26, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to validate your online Orders & Revenue.... Continue »

Sad to see Aurelie Pols go … July 23, 2010 General

I am very sorry to say that our European partner Aurelie Pols has decided to leave Analytics Demystified and pursue other goals in her life. While I am very sad ...... Continue »

Guest Post: Kevin Hillstrom July 19, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Kevin Hillstrom is one smart dude. President of MineThatData, author of Online Marketing Simulations, and prolific contributor to the Twitter #measure channel. Kevin spends a huge amount of time in ...... Continue »

X Change 2010 Conversation Topics Announced! July 12, 2010 Conferences/Community

I’m excited to announce that most of the 2010 X Change huddle topics and leaders have now been announced on our web site. If you’ve heard about the X Change ...... Continue »

X+ Page Visits July 12, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Track how many Visits reach a designated page threshold...... Continue »

Guest Post: Jason Thompson, Analysis Exchange Mentor July 8, 2010 Conferences/Community

(This is a guest post from Jason Thompson, one of the great Analysis Exchange mentors that have been working to help us create an entirely new way to train web ...... Continue »

Are you looking for experienced web analysts? July 6, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Anyone who has read my blog for long knows that I am passionate about two things in web analytics: process and people. Process is the glue that holds all the ...... Continue »

Product Pathing July 6, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how visitors navigate your products....... Continue »

Does your data quality still suck? July 1, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Years ago Google’s Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik told everyone “data quality sucks, get over it” which at the time was quite the funny and controversial thing to say.  Among other ...... Continue »