Monthly Archives: May 2010
CRM Integration #3 – Passing CRM Meta-Data to Web Analytics May 24, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how cool CRM meta-data can be (really!)...... Continue »

The Impending Acquisition of Adobe May 23, 2010 Analytics Strategy

This is purely speculation. I have no inside knowledge into the possibility I present here other than hypothetical conversations with peers. Sean Power brought up the topic over dinner recently, ...... Continue »

Thoughts on the WAA Certification Exam May 19, 2010 Adobe Analytics

I’ve been pondering this blog post for a couple of weeks now since I took the WAA Certification Exam along with eight others in the inaugural proctored exam at eMetrics ...... Continue »

The Analysis Exchange is OPEN TO EVERYONE May 18, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Back in December of last year Aurelie, John, and I announced an idea we believe has the potential to change the web analytics industry forever, The Analysis Exchange. Briefly, the ...... Continue »

Answering the "Why doesn't the data match?" Question May 18, 2010 Analysis

Anyone who has been working with web analytics for more than a week or two has inevitably asked or been asked to explain why two different numbers that “should” match ...... Continue »

CRM Integration #2 – Passing CRM Data to Web Analytics May 17, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how passing CRM data to Web Analytics can help you...... Continue »

Excited to Announce X Change 2010 Keynote! May 10, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Now that Emetrics West is behind us, and what an Emetrics it was this year, Analytics Demystified and Semphonic officially start to ramp up our efforts to get the best ...... Continue »

CRM Integration #1 – Passing Web Analytics Data to CRM May 10, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to integrate Web Analytics and CRM...... Continue »

Omniture Usage Stats May 3, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Do you know how to report on your users' Omniture usage?... Continue »