Monthly Archives: March 2010
Vote Lovett for the WAA Board of Directors March 29, 2010 Analytics Strategy

  Being a change agent for web analytics requires taking calculated risks, standing up for what you believe, and working diligently to make our industry stronger. I left my job at ...... Continue »

Columbus WAW Recap: Don't "Antisappoint" Visitors March 29, 2010 Analytics Strategy

We had a fantastic Web Analytics Wednesday last week in Columbus, sponsored by (Adobe) Omniture, with just under 50 attendees! Darren “DJ” Johnson was the presenter, and he spoke about web ...... Continue »

WAA Elections: Accountability, Inclusion, and Value March 28, 2010 Conferences/Community

Those of you in the Web Analytics Association are likely aware that the voting for the 2010 – 2012 Directorships starts sometime today. My understanding is that ballots will arrive ...... Continue »

Integrating Voice of Customer March 23, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to integrate Voice of Customer data into SiteCatalyst.... Continue »

Why Google is really offering an opt-out … March 20, 2010 Analytics Strategy

When I first saw the news of Google’s opt-out browser plug-in spread around Twitter I thought “hmm, I wondered when we’d see this” and moved on since opt-out is more ...... Continue »

Facebook Analytics: Part II – Vendor Solutions March 18, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Earlier this week we described the Facebook Analytics Ecosystem and some of the ways in which businesses can go about measuring components of the social networking empire. Today, we reveal ...... Continue »

Analysis Exchange ALPHA Nearing Completion March 18, 2010 Conferences/Community

You know how sometimes in life a plan looks good on paper but when you put it into action things don’t work out? That happens to me sometimes … but ...... Continue »

Quick Tip: Discover Time Saver!! March 16, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Thanks to Laura MacTaggart, I just learned an awesome Discover time-saver I felt obligated to share. Have you ever needed to pull a bunch of different successive reports in Omniture Discover? ...... Continue »

Advanced Percent of Page Viewed March 15, 2010 Adobe Analytics

[Warning: Some elements of this post are meant for advanced SiteCatalyst users so read at your own risk!] Last week, Ben Gaines (@OmnitureCare) wrote a great blog post about the getPercentPageViewed ...... Continue »

Facebook Analytics: Part I – The Measurable Ecosystem March 14, 2010 Social Media

2010 is shaping up to be the year of social media measurement and March is the month for measuring Facebook. While most of the major analytics vendors have been working ...... Continue »