Monthly Archives: February 2010
All Web Analytics Tools Are the Same (when it comes to data capture) February 27, 2010 Analytics Strategy

I started to write a post on using web analytics tools — Google Analytics, specifically, but with a nod to Webtrends as well — to track traffic to custom tabs ...... Continue »

Want to meet Analytics Demystified? February 26, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Whoa I cannot believe it is nearly March already, can you? Seems like 2010 took off like a rocket and is only moving faster and faster every day, which is ...... Continue »

Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday — Feedback Analysis February 23, 2010 Analytics Strategy

It’s been a crazy month work-wise. As a result, I’ve been chalking up thoughts in my head that I’d love to get written down. One of those thoughts is actually ...... Continue »

Paths Leading to Success February 22, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to view visitor paths leading to success...... Continue »

Lifetime Metrics February 16, 2010 Adobe Analytics

What are Lifetime Metrics and how can they be improved?... Continue »

Defining Social Marketing Analytics February 10, 2010 Social Media

Social Marketing Analytics is the process of measuring, analyzing and interpreting the results of interactions between brands and consumers and/or businesses across digital channels in the context of specific goals ...... Continue »

The Coming Bifurcation in Web Analytics Tools February 10, 2010 Analytics Strategy

When John was with Forrester Research last year he had the opportunity to do some work for Google that published some pretty bold claims. Among these was his reporting that ...... Continue »

Stop Using The File Downloads Report! February 8, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Find out why I recommend NOT using the SiteCatalyst File Downloads report...... Continue »

Flash Cookies and Consumer Privacy February 5, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Update: I should apologize to Adobe since I knew they had written to the FTC but didn’t mention it when I originally published this post. If you’re interested in this ...... Continue »

A Record-Setting WAW in Columbus with CRM Metrix February 2, 2010 Analysis

Last week’s Columbus set a new record for the meetup — we had exactly FIFTY attendees, which was a great showing. Part of the large draw was undoubtedly the event ...... Continue »