Monthly Archives: January 2010
Building A Culture Of Measurement January 29, 2010 Analytics Strategy

Building a Culture of Measurement is the title of the Keynote “Sprint” I’ll be delivering at Webtrends Engage next week in New Orleans. Like the other distinguished speakers during the ...... Continue »

Facebook Measurement: Impressions from Status Updates January 27, 2010 Reporting

[Update October 2011: Facebook recently released a new version of insights that renders some aspects of this post as moot. My take and explanation regarding this release is available in ...... Continue »

Traffic Source Bounce Rates January 25, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to calculate Traffic Source Bounce Rates in Omniture SiteCatalyst...... Continue »

Welcome to Analytics Demystified 2.0 January 18, 2010 Analytics Strategy

By now you’ve noticed that we’ve completely re-done the Analytics Demystified web site, that is unless you only ever read my posts in an RSS reader in which case I ...... Continue »

Basic Brand Awareness Tracking January 18, 2010 Adobe Analytics

Want to measure/trend your company's brand awareness? Learn a quick & dirty way to do this...... Continue »

2010 Web Analytics Events & Conferences January 11, 2010 Adobe Analytics

I’ve seen a few inquiries recently about which events and conferences in the field of Web Analytics are worthy of attending. This tells me that the diligent among you are ...... Continue »