Monthly Archives: November 2009
Recap: Web Analytics Wednesday with Foresee Results November 21, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Last week was our monthly Web Analytics Wednesday in Columbus. Foresee Results sponsored the event and provided a highly engaging speaker: Kevin Ertell, Foresee’s VP of Retail Strategy and the ...... Continue »

An Excel Dashboard Widget November 16, 2009 Excel Tips

As I wrote in my last post, I’ve been spending a lot of time building out Excel-based dashboard structures and processes of late. I also wrote a few weeks ago ...... Continue »

Internal Search Tips November 16, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Learn some SiteCatalyst Internal Search tracking tips...... Continue »

Google Analytics Intelligence Feature is Brilliant! November 10, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Long-time blog readers are likely aware that I’m not prone to writing about individual technologies or product features unless I have the opportunity to break the news about something new ...... Continue »

The Perfect Dashboard: Three Pieces of Information November 9, 2009 Reporting

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on dashboards — different dashboards for different purposes for different clients, with a heavy emphasis on making dashboards that can be ...... Continue »

# of Pages Viewed Counter eVar November 9, 2009 Adobe Analytics

This week I will round out my Pages in Conversion trilogy by discussing a # of Pages Viewed Counter eVar. Two posts ago I discussed some of the benefits ...... Continue »

Page Name eVar November 2, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Building upon my last post, this post describes the benefits of a Page Name eVar... Continue »