Monthly Archives: October 2009
Measurement Strategies: Balancing Outcomes and Outputs October 26, 2009 Reporting

I’m finding myself in a lot of conversations where I’m explaining the difference between “outputs” and “outcomes.” It’s a distinction that can go a long way when it comes to ...... Continue »

Page View Success Event October 26, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Learn how you can use a Page View Event to augment your Conversion Analysis...... Continue »

Internal Campaigns October 19, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Learn how to augment your Campaign Tracking by adding Internal Campaign Tracking to your SiteCatalyst implementation...... Continue »

Are You Ready for the Coming Revolution? October 18, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Few would argue that the past few years in web analytics have been, well, intense. The emergence of Yahoo Web Analytics, multiple management shake-ups at WebTrends, Adobe’s acquisition of Omniture ...... Continue »

SEO Tips and Thoughts at Web Analytics Wednesday October 18, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Last week’s Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday had something of an odd vibe, but it was also one of the most tactically informative ones that we’ve had to date! The crowd ...... Continue »

An Apology of Sorts … October 15, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Now that Omniture’s Q3 earnings are public that I sort of felt like I needed to apologize to the company or at least recognize that they did a good job ...... Continue »

Feature Request: Classifications & Menu Customizer October 12, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Have you ever wanted to customize SiteCatalyst menus for Classified variables? If so, read about some potential limitations...... Continue »

New Data on the Strategic Use of Web Analytics October 11, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Recently Google published the results of a Forrester Research study they had commissioned (PDF) to help the broader market understand the use and adoption of free web analytics solution.  Google ...... Continue »

Calculating Trend Indicators October 5, 2009 Presentation

Put this down as one of my more tactical posts, brought on by a fit of lingering annoyance with the use (and by “use” I mean “grotesque misuse”) of trend ...... Continue »

Analytics Demystified European Tour October 3, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Those of you who live in Europe are likely already aware that my good friend Aurelie Pols has joined me as a partner in Analytics Demystified. Over the next two ...... Continue »