Monthly Archives: September 2009
Extracting Unique Visitor IDs September 22, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Have you ever extracted Unique Visitor ID's for re-marketing in SiteCatalyst? If not, learn how...... Continue »

Web Analytics Wednesday: A Segmentation Experiment September 17, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Last night was another great Web Analytics Wednesday in Columbus, courtesy of the Web Analytics Wednesday Global Sponsors (Analytics Demystified, SiteSpect, Coremetrics, and IQ Workforce). We had a respectable turnout ...... Continue »

More color on Adobe + Omniture September 16, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Wow, everyone seems to have an opinion about this acquisition. Some people think Microsoft will ride in at the 11th hour and out-bid Adobe because Microsoft and Adobe compete, and ...... Continue »

The Acquisition… September 15, 2009 General

So by now, you have heard the news about the Omniture acquisition by Adobe. Some out there have pinged me for my thoughts on the matter. Since my blog is ...... Continue »

Thoughts on Adobe + Omniture September 15, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Wow, I have to admit that I was surprised mid-day today at a new client meeting in Chicago when, at the same moment, my phone, my SMS, and my email ...... Continue »

The Most Meaningful Insights Will Not Come from Web Analytics Alone September 14, 2009 Analysis

Judah Phillips wrote a post last week laying out why the answer to the question, “Is web analytics hard or easy?” is a resounding “it depends.” It depends, he wrote, ...... Continue »

Segment Bounce Rates September 9, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Do you like Bounce Rates? How would you like to see them by any segment you capture in SiteCatalyst?... Continue »

X Change 2009: Sold Out! September 5, 2009 Conferences/Community

You may have already noticed this when you went to the registration page if you’re still considering the X Change next week but we officially put a cap on things ...... Continue »

The Inertia of the Status Quo September 4, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Some definitions (courtesy of Wiktionary): status quo — the way things are, as opposed to the way they could be inertia — The property of a body that resists any change to its uniform motion cognitive ...... Continue »

Am I Ever BeHIND on Posting… September 2, 2009 General

August was a little crazy for me: I changed jobs — left Nationwide to become Director, Measurement and Analytics at Resource Interactive — which is 1000% the “right” move, but meant ...... Continue »