Monthly Archives: August 2009
Segment Pathing August 31, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Want to see how to view paths by segment even if you don't have Omniture Discover? if so, read about Segment Pathing...... Continue »

SiteCatalyst Quiz Answers! August 24, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Thanks to all of you who took the time to complete my SiteCatalyst quiz. I hope it was a fun way to put your knowledge to the test. So for ...... Continue »

Type I vs. Type II Errors in Customer Data Management August 18, 2009 Analytics Strategy

[Update: See the comments at the end of the post. I might have my definitions backwards, but I need to do some digging to make sure I get the corrections ...... Continue »

White Paper: Testing Secrets of Success August 18, 2009 Analytics Strategy

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you’ve inevitably heard me comment that I think “web analytics is hard” — not complex, not mysterious … just ...... Continue »

Which Pages on Your Site Matter? August 18, 2009 Adobe Analytics

Did you ever go through your clothes closet one day and figure out that your never wear half of the stuff in there? It seems like it is always ...... Continue »

Monish Datta Stays on the Vegetarian Wagon (Sort of) at WAW August 16, 2009 Analytics Strategy

I’ve officially dropped off the first page of results for a Google search for Monish Datta. Further proof that SEO is an on-going process! Monish made a crack last year ...... Continue »

Custom Search Success Events August 13, 2009 Adobe Analytics

I know many Omniture clients that spend much of their time using SiteCatalyst for SEO and SEM tracking. If you are one of these clients, the following will show ...... Continue »

Rare x Rare x Rare in Customer Data Management August 10, 2009 Analytics Strategy

I once had an operations management professor who asked the class how often we would expect a product to be defective if it was made of 10 components, each of ...... Continue »

Classifying Out-of-the-Box Reports August 10, 2009 Adobe Analytics

While there are many great out-of-the-box reports in Omniture SiteCatalyst, there is one key limitation to them that can cause problems from time to time. This limitation is that ...... Continue »

Interview: John Lovett from Forrester Research August 9, 2009 Analytics Strategy

Following up my interview with Bill Gassman a few weeks ago I realized that I would be remiss if I didn’t build on Forrester’s recent Web Analytics Wave report with ...... Continue »